Plagiarism and duplicate publication

All publications of Scientific Route OÜ do not accept manuscripts in which the fact of plagiarism is found. The control of the manuscript for the presence of borrowings without appropriate and unambiguous attribution is carried out at the first stage of work - at the entrance to the publishing – and is carried out by a specialized service iThenticate. If the fact of plagiarism is found, the manuscript is not considered. If the fact of plagiarism is discovered after the publication of the monograph, the editors conduct an investigation and take appropriate measures, the result of which depends on the volume of content identified as plagiarism. In choosing response options, the editors are guided by the COPE recommendations. The procedures carried out in this case, in particular, include: contacting the authors of the monograph in respect of which plagiarism was detected, obtaining official explanations, informing the management of the organizations in which the authors work about the detected plagiarism, informing all indexing resources about the detected plagiarism, marking the publication, in which plagiarism was detected, with the inscription "PLAGIARISM" in all indexing resources, the application of additional sanctions provided for by the License Agreement in the part concerning the violation by the authors of their guarantees of authorship.