Royalties are payments for use that the "licensee" pays to the "licensor" (seller of the license, patent) for the ongoing use of assets, most often intellectual property rights. Royalties are usually paid as a percentage of gross or net sales generated from the use of the asset or as a fixed price per unit sold.

If the published monograph is placed in closed access, an agreement is concluded on the payment of royalties from the sale of electronic copies of the monograph within the products EBSCOhost.


EBSCOhost is a periodically updated database of scientific information in the fields of medicine, physics, chemistry, economics and other sciences available through the web interface.

EBSCOhost provides the ability to search full-text, peer-reviewed articles of scientific journals, reference books and other publications in various scientific disciplines. Includes both databases available on a subscription basis and databases that are in the public domain. (link)