• Avinit vacuum-plasma technologies in transport machine building



    Transport engineering is one of the areas in which coatings for various functional purposes are widely used. Among the many methods used for coating, the group of vacuum-plasma methods occupies one of the leading directions in the field of obtaining coatings with unique characteristics that make it possible to significantly increase the operational characteristics of machines and mechanisms lay down new design solutions for their improvement. The monograph presents the results of the development and practical implementation of new nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for the deposition of...

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  • Vacuum-plasma multilayer protective coatings for turbine blades



    The methods of creating the advanced nanomaterials and nanotechnologies of functional multicomponent coatings Avinit (mono- and multilayer, nanostructured, gradient) to improve the performance of materials, components and parts are considered.

    The vacuum-plasma nanotechnologies Avinit were developed based on the use of gas-phase and plasma-chemical processes of atomic-ionic surface modification and the formation of nanolayer coatings in the environment of non-steady low-temperature plasma.

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How to Streamline the Literature Review Process?


Jack Wan, Associate Professor at the University of Queensland, explains in his article at THE Campus. He believes that ASEs (Academic Search Engines) combine the convenience and power of web-based search engines with the rigour of peer-reviewed scholarly sources. In contrast to traditional academic databases, which often sit behind a paywall, most ASEs are freely accessible and often link to full-text research articles. ASE searches return publications that are sorted by topic and significance in the field, with the most frequently cited publications appearing higher in the list by default. Researchers can strategically use ASEs to compile an expansive bibliography and streamline the literature review process.

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