3 Reasons to Publish a Monograph in Open Access



With each passing day, the need for open access publication becomes more urgent.  We chose three "Yes" to tell you what we will do for you.

"Yes" - Today we are becoming more knowledgeable and recognized in the field of intellectual property, and so we take on all things copyright. We also hasten to assure you that by publishing this monograph in the open access, your copyright remains with you.

"Yes" - open access to the publication, and consequently the popularity in the scientific community and the number of citations. Books in open access are downloaded ten times more often on average, and have 2.5 times more citations than those published in closed access. In addition to increasing the personal rating of the scientist, open access gives a wide range of readers the opportunity to read your work without any problems or financial issues.

"Yes" - publishing monographs is a difficult and not cheap job, but it is because of the very fact, usually, that the institution of the scholar undertakes to pay an honorarium for the preparation and publication of the manuscript. So all you need is to get a positive assessment of the manuscript from the publisher and the amount of payment at your institution. And then, we will conduct a complete procedure for the preparation and publication of the manuscript.

We are always waiting for you and your manuscript. Together we will create a quality product!