Open access book collection for UG and UMCG authors


Open access book collection for UG and UMCG authors
The University of Groningen has introduced an open access book fund. Authors affiliated with UG and UMCG can apply for funding to publish their monograph or edited volume.
The fund will run through August 2023. Continued operation of the fund after August 2023 is contingent on renewed funding from UG/UMCG.
The maximum reimbursement amount is €8,000 (including VAT) per book.
The author(s) and/or editor(s) must be affiliated with UG or UMCG.
Ideally, publishers should meet the basic requirements established by the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB). In addition to meeting DOAB criteria, publishers are (strongly) encouraged to assign a DOI to a publication and post it to the OAPEN-Library to improve its discoverability. The University Library will verify compliance with these criteria. If the requirements cannot be fully met, authors are encouraged to contact the University Library to discuss publisher eligibility.